Introduction time~

Okay I don't really know where to start XD Then lets start with this:

Name: Lorelly
Nickname: LJ
Age: I'm the same age as HS7 & a few weeks older than Chinen :)
Country: United States
Nationality: Filipino
Language: Tagalog and English :)
Hobbies: I like watching Japanese drama, Korean drama (right now, just occasionally), Japanese variety show (especially if HSJ is in there & Arashi's shows & ItteQ), Korean variety shows (actually right now, I'm only watching Running man & Infinity Challenge XD). I do read manga (well shoujo manga XD) and watch anime (especially shoujo anime :P but just occasionally when I find something interesting XD). My favorite manga are Lovely Complex & Library Wars <3
Favorite group/singer: JYJ, Hey! Say! JUMP, & Ohara Sakurako :D
Bias: Arioka Daiki :3
OTP: InooDai <3
Accounts: Twitter, Tumblr
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Give Me Love Single Download

Give Me Love
Oh wow I'm so late in posting this >< XD I actually received my copies a week ago but I got so busy with work as usual and I only have the time now ;-; Tbh I didn't even watch the PV Making of Give Me Love yet lol (and I actually only listened to this single once XD). I'll see if I can find a time to watch it next week XD I actually used my free time to watch Goblin last week :P I'm sorry I couldn't help it, it's just too good. I just love everything about that drama :3
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Little Brother's First Crush (Oneshot)

Pairing(s): InooDai, Slight YamaChii
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3300+
Summary: Daiki has a crush on his little brother's first crush
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Yay! finally posted this fanfic \(^_^)/ Tbh, I was actually supposed to share this on Daiki's birthday so this had been sitting on my hard drive for a couple of months already XD
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Rebound Sequel

Pairing: InooDai
Genre: Slight(?) Angst, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6200+
Summary: Sequel to Rebound
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OMG I'm sorry (to those who waited (if they're still waiting XD)) that I'm only posting this now >< I also can't believe I'm only posting this now since it's been almost a year since I posted 'Rebound'. I thought I would be able to share this earlier tbh. I actually finished writing this since February but I guess I was just really lazy to edit it XD And tbh, I'm not very satisfied with how this turned out so I was also reluctant to share this. I don't know, I feel like it's kind of awkward (the way I wrote this XD) and it's too cheesy? haha.

By writing this though, I realize I'm bad at writing sequels XD I also should really stay away from writing angst because I'm just so bad at it XD Well, I'm always bad at writing stories anyway so I guess it doesn't really matter :P
There are actually some other InooDai fanfics that I finished writing but didn't post yet. Well, I'll probably share it another time XD
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Fantastic Time Single Download

fantastic time
I know I'm late but I still want to share it anyway XD I actually received this on Tuesday but I had to work overtime that day (and also Wednesday ><) so I could only share this now ;-;
I also have a new DVD ripper so it took me some time to rip the DVD because I'm still getting used to it. I had to experiment a bit so the quality wouldn't turn out bad. Well, I think the quality turned out good though(?) XD
Anyway, to anyone who still need this, feel free to download it~
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So apparently, MEGA took down my download links due to copyright infringement. I never experienced this with MEGA before so I thought MEGA was safe but I guess not anymore lol. Because of that I'm also thinking to f-locked my download entries just to be safe. Well, I've been thinking about it for the past few weeks actually. I don't really like being strict but I also don't want to get into trouble ;-; Well, I always add back anyway (as long as we have the same interest obviously XD). If for some reason I didn't add you back in a week, please do tell me. It's probably because I didn't get any notification (It happens sometimes apparently) ><
Btw, I reuploaded all the download links :D (And I'm sorry for using decryption key, just want to be safe XD)
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Dear Album Download~

Hello! I'm here to share JUMP's new album :D I actually just received my copies yesterday >< And I was actually supposed to share this yesterday too but because I had to stay at the my work until late last night, I could only post this today ;-;
Anyway, feel free to download this :3 Enjoy~

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Ohara Sakurako 2nd Album Download~

Hello! I'm sharing my copy of Ohara Sakurako's 2nd album~
I'm only sharing the LE A of her album though because I don't have the money to buy all the versions ;-; (since I also pre-ordered JUMP's new album XD). Tbh, this version is expensive >< (probably because there's a concert included). I was actually supposed to buy the regular version but because I really want the concert, I decided to just buy the LE A XD
Anyway, here you go~
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Happy 26th Birthday Inoo Kei! :D

Happy birthday to my niban and to the prettiest member of Hey Say JUMP~ <3 Am I late too late already to greet him a happy birthday? XD Well it's still June 22 here in the US so it should be fine hahaha. I made a bday fanvid for Inoo's birthday because I just had to make one XD So I'm sharing it here~

Tbh, I was actually trying to decide whether to write a fanfic (an InooDai fanfic XD) or make a fanvid for his bday. I really wanted to do both but unfortunately due to my work (as I work full time), I could only do one of them and as you can see, I decided to make a fanvid >< XD Tbh, writing a fanfic takes a lot of time (at least for me because I edit a lot of times lol since most of the time, I'm not satisfied with the result XD).
But I was actually only able to start making my fanvid on monday (I gathered the clips I was going to use last Saturday and Sunday). And on that day (monday), I had a huge headache ;-; It was hard work lol. I had to force myself to make the fanvid even though my head was killing me >< because I really wanted to finish making it on time ;-; Well, I was able to finish and upload it yesterday so I'm glad hahaha. But because this was really rushed, it didn't come out too good lol. Well, my fanvids are not good anyway since my editing skills suck XDD And tbh I actually always rushed when making my fanvids because I procrastinate a lot hahaha.
Anyway, here's my fanvid :D if anyone wants to watch it XD
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Happy 25th Birthday Daiki~

Happy birthday to the most adorable member of Hey! Say! JUMP <3 (Well at least for me he is XD)

I hope it's still not too late to post this XD I actually kind of rushed making this because I really want to post this while it's still April 15 in Japan (even though it's still April 14 here in the US XD).
Tbh, I've been feeling really lazy these days so it did take me awhile to finish this ;-;
But I really wanted to make a fanvid for Daiki's birthday so yeah I'm glad I finished making this haha. I had fun though because he's just too adorable XD

And while making this, I kept asking myself 'How is he 25?'. I mean just look at his face, does he look like he's 25? He looks more like a teenager XD And in 5 years, he'll be 30, you know? lol. Don't tell me he'll still looks like this when he turns 30? XDD But that's fine, please stay cute forever, Daiki~ XD

I actually also wanted to post an InooDai fic for his bday but I don't know, should I post it? I actually finished writing it, it still needs editing though XD But I'm too lazy to even edit it hahaha.

This is my 2nd time making a bday fanvid of Daiki :D And I hope I'll be able to make one for him next year too!

Anyway here's the fanvid. Enjoy~
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